Success Systems offers you only the highest quality products and services, including:

  • Supply exclusive IDAS Digital VHF/UHF networks covering Gauteng Pretoria areas. Two way radio communication with GPS channel change so drivers and operators do not have to change channels. Text messaging from base to vehicles utilizing a Mobile Data Terminal. Complete vehicle management with real time updates and GPS positioning with maps supplied.
  • Mobile Data Terminal utilising GPRS covering the whole Afrika, with real time monitoring, text messaging, inbox,outbox, jobs, barcoding, log in, log out etc.
  • Systems to suit clients needs. All software, firmware, integration can be written for the clients needs.
  • Prompt service with minimal down time on all faulty equipment replaced on exchange bases to minimize any inconvenience.
  • Exclusive networks designed for exclusive clients.
  • MDT is rugged and made specifically for commercial use and can not be removed, lost or damaged by weather.


How can Success Systems help you?

  • By supplying you with the most cost effective and stable solution for your communications requirements.
  • Currently we have a dedicated IT Department with a full-time IT Engineer specialising in the FirmWare Upgrades, Customised Software
  • Development and Integration as well as System Platform Development. All the work is performed inhouse without the need for third party development or out-sourced work.


Security / Commerical / Domestic:

  • Digital handheld and mobile radio with GPS tracking
  • Handhelds & mobile radios for armed responce vehicles and guards.
  • Repeater networks covering the whole of Gauteng.
  • Exclusive networks designed to specification
  • Data systems & Networks utilising S.M.S also available from base to armed vehicles


Courier / Trucking / Logistics:

  • Text messaging & bar coding with maps and real time vehicle management between base & vehicles using VHF, UHF,
    GRPS and GPS networks
  • Monitoring of parcels, trailers & goods in real time

Success Systems Meridian Mapping: