At the fore-front of our product line is the Success Meridian Technologies Exeda (Extensible EDA) powered by Microsoft™ Windows™ Mobile and Windows™ CE. Secondly, is the Success Meridian Technologies Net-960CE powered by Microsoft™ Windows™ Embedded.

The “Meridian” system is technically superior to any other product on the market owing to the fact that we have managed to plug the Microsoft™ Windows™ Embedded operating system directly into the unit.

This creates an extremely powerful system capable of handling all multimedia functions as well as the standard array of features as seen on our budget line; the Net-960EX Version.


Net-960CE Front View


Net-960CE Back View


  • GPRS Enabled
  • GPS Enabled
  • Bluetooth Enabled
    • (With Bluetooth scanner which sends ID photo when scanned)
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • USB Connectivity
  • Direct Audio with Voice Support
  • CANBus Technology
  • SAE J1708 Interface
  • RS 232 Interface
  • Dual Output Display
  • Send / Receive Text Messages
  • Send / Receive Multimedia Messages
  • Send / Receive Email
  • GT-CAM GlobalTrack Live Video Image Support



Success Meridian Net-960 CE


Compatible Technologes

The Net-960CE is a Microsoft™ Windows™ Embedded based platform, offered with a comprehensive development environment for independent application development and integration.
Its cost effective and highly modular design supports multiple product configurations. The Net-960CE is available in a basic display terminal configuration or with a variety of built-in options and add-on devices, to provide for an all-in-one platform solution.

Integrated wireless options include, GPRS/Voice modem, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Hardware interface options include, communication ports; USB, Serial RS-232, RS485 for J1708 support, CANBUS, Dedicated RJ connectors for swipe card, bar-code wand, Dallas ID, and multiple Input/Outputs control signals support for in-vehicle sensors connectivity.

Other optional features include RAM and Flash Memory expansions, Audio CODEC for voice and speech applications and adaptive automotive interfaces.

The Net-960CE also provides a unique interface option to a second, external screen. Using a standard AV interface, a variety of automotive grade, color screens are available, with or without touch screen capability, for enhanced user interface. This second screen configuration is also ideal for back seat passenger applications.

Download the Net960 Approval Document
Download the Net960CE User Manual
Download the Meridian 3.0 Simulator


System Proposals:

Logistics & Transport

Security Systems

Security Systems

Logistics & Transport