VHF/UHF FM Repeaters.

  • Up to 128 synthesized semi-duplex channels.
  • Build-in QT/DQT squelch, 2 tone encode/decode and DTMF encode/decode.
  • Rotatable front panel
  • Mobile data-ready panel.
  • Multi-mode
  • Flash memory for future upgrade


VHF/UHF Compact FM Mobile Radio

  • High stability 100% continuous duty
  • 16 full duplex channels and single priority scan.
  • QT/DQT with DSP multi-decode



VHF/UHF Compact FM Portable Radio

  • Up to 128 channels.
  • Build in QT/DQT tone-coded squelch
  • Multiple scanning options
  • Flash memory for future upgrade.